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After viewing a property, you will need to put an offer on the property. Once the offer is agreed, you will need to put a holding deposit on the property. This is equivalent to 1 week’s rent. You will then go through the referencing process on Canopy, where you will create a RentPassport™. 

Please ask us for our Guide For Tenants, for more information on renting a property.

There is a holding deposit equivalent to 1 week’s rent. This is to secure the property and will be deducted from the first months rent due when you move in.


The first month’s rent is due before you move in. 

This will be outlined in your tenancy agreement.

You can use the rent affordability calculator to find out what you can afford monthly based on your salary.

Rent Affordability Calculator


Canopy is a referencing company that has created a RentPassport™. Canopy has made referencing and renting easier and stress-free by providing all of the necessary information to estate agents and landlords.

A form-free way to show prospective landlords that you’re the renter they’re looking for. Fill it out once and use it whenever you move, with no paperwork to deal with, ever – and let your good reputation move with you. Each time you move, landlords and letting agents need to check you’re right for the property. Normally, that includes checking things like your credit, income and employment. The RentPassport™ combines all these checks into one simple app, quickly and securely through Open Banking. And, because renting should be rewarding, it also gives you access to financial wellbeing products like RentTracking and DepositFree™ insurance.

Start by downloading the Canopy Renter app and creating an account.

  1. Check your credit

Enter your name, date of birth and address to find out your credit history

  1. Verify your income

Connect your bank account using Open Banking to securely verify your income in minutes and see how much you can afford on rent. If you prefer to do it manually, it’ll take us a few days to verify.

  1. Tell us what you’re looking for

Answer three quick questions about your rental preferences.

  1. Get moving

Share your completed RentPassport™ with your landlord or agent and get moving.

You know you’re a reliable renter. But every time you move, you’re forced to go through endless rounds of form-filling just to prove what you already know. With a RentPassport™, you can say goodbye to endless paperwork and hello to fast,form-free referencing – as well as a load of helpful financial wellness products. That’s what we call a win-win. It is also a free service.

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